Africa cup of Nations: Go watch!

Africa cup of Nations: Go watch!
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The world is glued to their screens to experience a soccer festival like none other.

A competition impressed upon by athleticism, strength, willpower, spontaneity, and flair.


A tournament of African soccer. The Africa Cup of Nations(AFCON).



Twenty-four countries qualified for this showpiece that is currently underway in Ivory Coast.


It is an amazing opportunity to witness what the African atmosphere is about.


More than anything, it is an opportunity for Africans to learn about the continent. To delve deeper into the history of the respective countries and, in doing so, find patterns that link back to oneself.


It is an opportunity to study Africans in all their shapes and sizes and observe similarities between them that make the tournament workable.



It is an opportunity to witness exponential growth. It is one of the fastest-growing tournaments with one of the steadiest increases in skill anywhere in the world.


It is time to appreciate growth and a promise for the excellence that Africa is endowing the world.


One guy asserted that the next greats will come from Africa. And I can see why he’d say that!


Props must be given to the facilitators as well for the good work.


Getting to the commentators as well; well done so far.


At this stage, it is anyone’s game, and in the spirit of competition, I will say: ‘May the best team win!’.


My home country of South Africa is represented as well. And I hope they do well!


But Africa must enforce friendly rivalry.
After all, this is a sport, and people will go back to the same teams and communities after this.




Any dark passage must be left on the pitch and buried by the deafening sound of the stadium.


If you’re not watching AFCON, then what are you doing?




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