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Most of us are familiar with Amazon or have used it before. But many people may not realise that being a published author on their kdp program is possible. It is also effortless.

I will walk you through how you may do just that.

Step 1: Follow this link, https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/

Step 2: Login or Register an account(marked in blue).

Amazon KDP homepage.

Step 3: Once you have signed in, you will be presented with your dashboard. I have books published, you won’t!

Your dashboard is where all your books will be listed, and you can manage them. Amazon gives you much freedom regarding the modifications you can make to your books. 

Pro note that it takes up to three days for the book to show because Amazon must review it first.

Step 4: Click the create button

Step 5: Decide what format you want to publish in(Note, you can publish in all of them, but its best practice to focus on one at a time).

Step 6: Fill out all the required fields(Note I have decided to publish an eBook). Nothing here is bizarre, and you should be able to complete everything in less that an hour.

Step 7: Here are some screenshots to assist you with preparations. I want to bring to your attention the types of questions asked. Note, you will be asked to upload your eBook, and the supported formats include but are not limited to docx and pdf.

Step 8: Once you have undergone all the processes, then you may promote your book for free using Amazon campaigns.

Step 9: Finally, you have full access to your sales dashboard. It gives you all the necessary data, from sales to locations. You can download your report as well. It is linked to your dashboard, so you won’t have to search far.

You are done! All the best to you! 😉

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