The amazing life between attachment and detachment.

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Hello there, thank you for being here today!

The previous school of gravitational physicists did not mention gravity and its effects on the world of emotions and attachment when positing special relativity.

But nor am I, by stating special rather than general relativity. In a similar fashion to them, I am limiting my own scope. The main idea behind endeavouring in something, including writing, is to gain approval, but not necessarily at all costs. Just enough(whatever that means to you) is the key!

Life has many corners of exploration and in us varying abilities to wander them.

However, the wandering process is not frictionless, and our scope of delusion may change drastically at intervals.

Some people will say that the key to it is having fun with the world. They would further say that we should always seek to maintain our childlike wonder.
I largely agree, but we must also transcend the weight that children often carry, mainly their dependence on caretakers. Although some children can survive independently, depending on their age, this is not socially accepted/able.

Very high Up and slightly low, Very high Up and slightly low, and so it goes.

There is magic in undertaking thoughts, ideas and tasks to completion because that improves energy. And the world rewards people based on their predominant energies.

Also we must learn to distinguish facets of life. For instance, passion for something may not imply attachment or obsession. Conversely, showing disinterest is not necessarily destructive. Reciting your friend’s song word-for-word may be selfish if the intention is to grab their attention, but it may also be selfless because it will brighten them up. There is zero wrong with being selfish, so long as you don’t intentionally hurt people.

We need to consider false positive behaviours, like the one I have explained above. Also, noting that people can surmise a person based on a range of their behaviours. Which, should you be a pleaser, should reassure you that you may stop doing so.

On detachment: It is crucial to exercise it.

It is essential to train one in its art. That may trigger stronger emotions of enjoyment and, subsequently, attachment to something. The paradox of life is that the more your entire sphere of presence is divorced from something, the closer you potentially are to it. Consider that you have a large field of energy, which you may use to trap a superabundance of other energies in your vicinity. However, this requires discipline and the skill of lowering gratification.

Here are some examples of attachment:

  1. Over gratification
  2. Overtly selfish
  3. Myopic
  4. Greedy

Be mindful that all of them are inward looking. Attachment is always inward looking. Between two people? Each can take care of themselves. Unless disabled, no adult should primarily depend on the care of another. Perhaps temporarily, at best!

We tend to enhance ourselves and undermine others so much as to think they depend on our wisdom or presence to survive.

Meanwhile, we are all of the same stock, and once in a blue moon, we remember that everyone has something to teach.
Dependence is attachment, and independence is somewhere in between.

Detachment is fun because it allows us to cope with imminent loss and strengthens our resolve. And paradoxically, detachment may include attachment, but not necessarily the other way around.

Brian Tracy said the following regarding the nature of life: Life is two steps forward and one step backwards.
He was largely relating the difficulties that we will surmount occasionally. However, I would like to reuse his words in this sense; Life will open two doors whilst closing one.
And it has to close one because that’s the nature of a door.

Many people have an attachment or affinity for superheroes.
Every person is their own superhero.

Any situation will likely come with unwelcomed adversity, but that adversity has opportunities.

Remember that life itself is a story; it needs to play. So if it closes all doors, then its own story will end.
On a human level, the remaining open door may contain some treasure and an unparalleled story of search and adventure, like launching you to bestseller stardom.

The idea is that the human story should never end, hence why some doors remain open; this is also great for an exciting story. Sometimes doors reopen, which is why some people reunite with ex’s, and those who’ve lost loved ones find them via dreams and visions.

Attitude and perspective can do someone a great deal of consoling. And attached detachment can instil longing in people, who may find ways to unify with their loved ones.

Disconnecting from a loved one is hard, but not completely necessary. Detachment has different natures.

Possessiveness is bad. But acknowledging and demanding unity with someone is precious. Plus, the constitution of life does not restrict you from doing so. Hence we have sangomas and mediums who tell of a wild tale between the dead and the living. The dead and the living who seek to connect!

We can be both attached and detached, and our thoughts and feelings will determine how much we explore this path.
It remains open.

Bo mme ba di sangoma, lehaeng la mosebetsi. Merihana ka morao.(Loosely translated: Traditional healers in their work enclosure, behind are traditional herbs in bottles)

The fantastic world between attachment and detachment warrants understanding.

It is beautiful because it keeps both horizons within the scope of play, therefore, is a unifier.

It is in the middle where the best toys are!

Thanks for reading.

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