I feel like a pawn, in a succession of rebirths.

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A pawn is one of the most inferior pieces on a chess board.
I will be honest with you, I feel like a pawn!

Not just now, but for as long as I can remember. And whenever I look around the world, I find things that validate my pawn;ish nature. Mostly my vices!

Life has a way of reminding us that we are such minute beings. For instance, the perceptually infinite nature of spacetime is one. How about being trapped in the middle of a large African river, surrounded by Hippos, Crocodiles and river Sharks for an entire blood-thirsty night, with no help?

We are insignificant, and there isn’t a deficit of cues to remind us.

But it’s not in our nature, least in our best interest, to feel inferior. Our minds are designed to challenge and construct meaning in all instances.

A lovely realisation is that we can build as much meaning and alternate theories about the world as we wish, and they remain valid for as long as our consciousness permits. For as long as a stance is true to us, it has solid truth in one aspect of reality. Meaning its truth permeates the fabric of spacetime in some way. At least, I think it does.

One chief reason I put forth is that the intellectual fraternity, from the Sages to the Scientists, has made a remarkable conclusion that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But it can change form and reality!

But if everything is made of, or is energy, then everything must be quantised (exist in packets of energy). How else can we explain the distinction between you and me?

Many people acknowledge a dual nature of themselves, and with only their Merkaba as a viable apparatus to test this, we can only take their word for it.

Therefore, I believe that we validate reality through our thoughts and tongue and construe it into existence by additional means. So many dimensions happen every time we think, feel and speak with intention. That could be a basis for why we are able to manifest things.

Before I go into the rebirths issue, let me finish my earlier point:

Many people acknowledge a duality in themselves. Here is the stance from many individuals, ‘I, so and so, do not just exist in the flesh, but also in the form of spiritual consciousness, which is my true nature!’.

I, too, believe in such a reality, and as I have alluded to earlier, every thought or belief has a nature of truth to it. We have a remarkable ability to believe and maintain our ideologies and spiritual dimensions.

The yin and yang. A powerful symbol for dual nature.
Unless you think that consciousness is of homogeneity amongst all living organisms?

As I have mentioned, I believe that energy is quantised and that consciousness is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Therefore consciousness is quantised! Meaning it has form in spacetime!

Should my theory be valid, then it stands to reason that consciousness is a fundamental entity only if there is no other matter in space that it can transition into. Therefore it has its reality, with its rules, but it has existence nonetheless.

Homogeneity, like above, can be a bad thing.

In our reality, we have Black-holes that swallow all objects whole. But Black-holes follow Newtonian physics, and consciousness does not. I am not convinced that it even follows quantum laws. I believe that its reality is yet to be understood by science. Right now, our minds and senses are the only tools we have at our disposal.

But doesn’t it mean then that consciousness can repeat certain behaviours unless it is suctioned into or transitioned into something else?

We know that it can occupy matter by giving life to organisms. And I struggle to divorce myself from the idea that this will continue inevitably unless conditions in its realm change.

Therefore, consciousness(whatever we are) will keep reworking itself in ways justifiable under its laws. And one of those ways is attaching to materialism or amalgamated(governed) energies.

I will continue writing about this topic and exploring it further, but my viewpoint is straightforward.

Thank you for reading this far.

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